Hey everyone, Gabi here! I’m the director of fun and games at Bali Hai Golf Club and love golfing and gambling. Despite me not growing up in Vegas and being raised in Reno Nevada, sports and gambling are in my blood. I learned what covering a spread meant by the time I was 8 and started golfing at the age of 17. Since then I’ve worked my handicap down to a 12.5 and have also had my fair share of wins AND losses on the course. Most memorably I’ve won over $4,000 and my biggest loss is having to jump in a golf course pond! Learn more about me below:

Favorite Clubs: Driver and 60 degree

Lowest score: 78

High score: limit does not exist

Hole-in-One: not yet!

Favorite bet: closest to the pin

Favorite betting format: 2 man scramble, match play.

Favorite sport to watch: football

Favorite sport to bet on: hockey

Drink of choice: champagne and casamigos tequila

Favorite Music on the course: rap and country

Preferred tee time: after 11am (after a long night of gambling of course)

Mountain or desert golf: mountain

Favorite place to play: Tahoe

Favorite course: El Dorado Cabo

Career: tournament planner, casino host, golf club fitter, gaming sales.

Favorite golfer: john daly/ brooks

Favorite Athlete: Jordan / Christian Laettner

Dream Celebrity Foursome: Bert Kriescher, Jordan (again), Adam Sandler

Meal of choice: Wine and a NY steak- medium rare please!

Now that you know more about me, let me find out more about you. Next time you’re in Vegas and have some money to lose, reach out, I’ll never turn down a bet! Not coming to Vegas anytime soon? Watch some of my golfing and gambling adventures below!

Meet Gabi

Episode 1: One-Club-Challenge

Episode 2: One-Club-Challenge Winner Announcement

Winner: Cyrus Jackson Davis wins a free twosome to Bali Hai!

Episode 3: Two Man Long Drive

Episode 4: Two Man Long Drive Winner Announcement

Winners: Eric Rowles wins a free towsome to Bali Hai!

Episode 5: Straightest Shot

Episode 6: $100 Bet

Episode 7: Card Trick

Episode 8: Sandy Shots

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