No Bail Hai Overseed means perfect conditions in perfect weather
By Brian Hurlburt, Las Vegas Golf Insider, Special to Bali Hai Golf Club

In life, just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you need to do it.
Such is the case with the age-old craft of golf course overseeding in Las Vegas. For years, overseeding
has seemed like the thing to do for course owners and management, but when you break it down and
take the advice of experts, the process just might be going the way of the rotary dial telephone.
And you will find no rotary dial telephones at Bali Hai Golf Club located in the heart of the Las Vegas
Strip nor will you find demoralizing overseeding being done in September and October when the
weather in Las Vegas is PERFECT for golf and after the hot summer.
“In most other areas of the country, with a few exceptions, most courses and superintendents have
gone away from the overseeding process and now we are at Bali Hai as well,” says Bali Hai
superintendent Mike Donahue, who has experience with no overseeding at other Vegas courses. “There
are just so many advantages to not overseeding, chief among them leaving the course in tremendous
condition for the months of September and October and usually into early November. If you overseed,
the course begins to be torn up in late August or early September and then is closed for three or four
weeks. And then once it re-opens, it is cart paths only for a week or so and conditions aren’t terrific.
Now at Bali Hai without overseeding, our golfers will know that they will play in pristine conditions
throughout the perfect golf weather season.”
So, you might be asking yourself, “If the above is the case, why ever overseed?”
Well, when the weather does get colder, the grass will start to brown and many golfers don’t like the
brown appearance. But it only goes brown starting in November and through the colder months, when a
lot of golfers cut back on playing due to the colder weather anyway Plus, in this day and age, courses can
paint the brown if they want to and there are some high-quality paints being used.
Donahue says the courses at Pinehurst paint and that’s about as good as golf gets, teeing up it on those
legendary layouts.
“Look, for us at Bali Hai, but what we want golfers to understand is that when the weather is absolutely
perfect in Vegas to play golf, our conditions will match it,” says Donahue. “This is the trend of the future
and we are at the forefront. I hope you come out and play Bali Hai this late summer and fall. You won’t
be disappointed and we won’t be closed.”
Bail Hai is a tropical golf oasis located in the heart of Las Vegas and amidst the Las Vegas resorts on the
Las Vegas Strip. The layout offers hundreds of palm trees, lagoon-like water features, majestic
bunkering, a stunning clubhouse with Cili Restaurant and more.
Overall, Bali Hai is also redefining the golf experience by providing Bluetooth speakers in the carts,
amazing food, beverage and hospitality, and an overall fun vibe.
This is golf the way should be played. This is Bali Hai.
Where they are now always open.

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