Bali Hai Parmates

Excellent golf. Tropical paradise.
What more could you want?

The Bali Hai Golf Club ParMates program is a good place to begin.

These delightful girls are the perfect companions to accompany you on a round in the tropical splendor of Bali Hai. These fun and outgoing caddies serve as hostesses and concierges. They will handle all the little chores like maintaining the scorecard, fixing divots and ball marks, cleaning clubs, calling in for lunch, ordering beverages from the carts, helping find balls and assistance on the green. They are also a good source for information about what to do in Las Vegas after your round of golf, giving you information about the hottest clubs, newest restaurants and best shows, shopping and more!

Please note: ParMates must be reserved 48 hours in advance.

Who Needs A Pro When You Play With A Parmate…

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